AK6 Drone UAV system


The Ak-61 agriculture spraying drone from Digital Eagle significantly improves spraying coverage and efficiency, making it the ideal spray delivery system for farming, agriculture, and land management.


  • Minimises impact on land & environment – removing the need for a towing vehicle significantly reduces the friction impact on the local environment eg crops, while also decreasing the consumption of fossil fuels.
  • Simple & efficient – spraying with the AK-61 is 30 times more efficient than manual spraying; covering two acres per minute with the capacity for over 300 acres per day.  The efficiency of delivery means that it uses up to 80% less water and 30% less pesticide per acre than manual spraying.
  • Health & safety – operators work from a greater distance than with traditional delivery systems meaning they are much less likely to be exposed to any potentially harmful substances.
  • Modular design – intuitive modular design makes the AK-61 easy to transport and maintain.  The specially designed case enables the operator to carry the entire unit with ease.


  • Wheelbase – 1,250mm
  • Weight (without battery) – 9.2kg
  • Taking-off weight – <22.9kg
  • Taking-off & landing – VTOL
  • Cruising speed – 5-10m/s
  • Flight time – Up to 15 minutes
  • Optimum working height – 0.5-5 metres
  • Spray range – 4-6 metres
  • Power system – Battery
  • Wind resistance – max 10.7m/s
  • Working temperature – -15°C to 50°C
  • Battery – 12,000mAh
  • Tank capacity – 10L
  • High-pressure nozzle
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