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Fuel – Diesel 50ppm

Quest Petroleum Diesel 50 PPM is a highly refined, middle distillate, hydrocarbon fuel; and it contains less than 0.005% sulphur by mass. These extremely low sulphur levels enable the diesel to be compatible with emission control devices such as catalytic converters and diesel particulate traps.


Quest Petroleum Diesel 50 PPM can be used for any high-speed compression ignition diesel found in commercial vehicles, heavy equipment; and stationary and locomotive engines. These include passenger vehicles, buses, heavy trucks, bakkies, vans, construction equipment, marine equipment, compressors and pump units. This diesel is also recommended for underground mining diesel applications.


Quest Petroleum Diesel 50 PPM contains anti-foam components which reduce the tendency of foaming normally associated with standard diesel. This provides a spill-free, cleaner, faster and more efficient refuelling service.

AK6, UAV System Mining Exploration drone

The Ak-61 agriculture spraying drone from Digital Eagle significantly improves spraying coverage and efficiency, making it the ideal spray delivery system for farming, agriculture, and land management.

Camion 3 Tones A Louer

Camion a louer pour differents taches : transports , demenagements , livraisons et voyages

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